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Microblading $450
Microblading Retouch in 1 Year $100
Microblading After 1 Year $250


Micro-shading $400
Micro-shading Touch up $250


Classic Mink Lashes Set $125
Classic Set Refill 2 Weeks $55
Classic Set Refill 3 Weeks $75
Volume Mink Lashes Set $175
Volume Lash 2 To 3 Weeks Refill $80
Volume lash 3 To 4 Weeks Refill $125


Natural Cluster Eyelashes $30
Full Natural Cluster Lashes $35
Full And Thick Cluster Lashes $40


Spa Manicure $20
Fab House Manicure $30


A relaxing service that includes; nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, and a lower arm massage with lotion. The service finishes by applying the nail polish of your choice.
Fab House Manicure

Our signature manicure service first pampers you with an exfoliating organic sugar scrub and a warm paraffin wax which helps promote moisture retention on your hands and around your cuticle area. A clay mask will then be wrapped around your hands with hot towels to help fight the impurities and soften up your skin. This unique manicure will make you feel incredibly clean, soft and relaxed. After a lower arm massage, we will groom your cuticles and nails, and finish up with a coat of your choice of polish. The House Manicure will leave you looking and feeling fab.


Spa Pedicure $35

(instead of $33)

Deluxe Pedicure $45
Detox Pedicure $50

(instead of $48)

Nu Skin Pedicure $65
Spa Pedi and Mani Combo $52
Replace Nu Skin Pedicure For Fab House Jelly Pedicure $60


Enjoy a spa pedicure that will give your feet a fresh new look. It includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, a foot massage with an Epsom salt scrub, a hot towel, and lotion. Your selected polish will be applied at the end of this pedicure leaving your feet feeling fab!
Deluxe Pedicure

The deluxe pedicure is one step-up above the spa pedicure. With this pedicure, you get to choose your scent of sugar scrubs and masks from the list below. Our aromatic sugar scrubs help exfoliate dead skin and revive the look and feel of your feet. We apply our special clay mask wraps around your feet with hot towels to promote moisture retention and aid in relaxation. Your selected polish will be applied at the end of this pedicure.

Pick a Scent:

● Lavender

● Mint

● Milk and Honey

● Orange

Detox Charcoal Pedicure

The PediSpa Detox System contains activated black charcoal and carbon that has been treated to increase its absorbency. Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works by acting as a magnet; it attracts and absorbs thousands of times its own weight in dirt, oil, and impurities. The detox system comes with a charcoal foot soak, black charcoal purifying scrub, nourishing mask, and emollient massaging creme. Your selected polish will be applied at the end of this pedicure that will leave your feet looking Fab.

Fab House Jelly Pedicure

Enjoy our most aromatic, relaxing, and nourishing experience with some unique products. You’ll start off with a jelly spa bath full of essential oils based on your scent of choice. The jelly spa bath encourages mineral absorption into your skin creating a soothing sensation. Next, we use an organic sugar scrub to help exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

Then we apply a paraffin mask to your feet and wrap them up in hot towels to promote moisture retention. This mask will leave your skin looking glowy and smooth. Lastly, your selected polish will be applied to leave your feet looking Fab.

Choose your scent of a jelly spa bath and essential oil

● Green Tea

● Lavender

Nu Skin Pedicure

Nu skin system contains ingredients designed to nourish, condition and soothe. The pedicure begins with a soak in botanical extracts Herbal Mineral Bath to soothe and soften your feet. Then we will use the Liquid Body Lufra scrub to gently exfoliate rough skin. This is followed by the application of an invigorating leg gel and relaxing foot cream to restore healthy looking heal, toes, and soles. A touch up with buttercream will provide intense hydration to the most dehydrated areas. Your selected polish will be applied at the end of this pedicure leaving your feet looking Fab.

Kids Pedi (10 and under)

Kids’ Spa Pedicure
Little Princess Pedicure

Flavored Options:

- Chocolate

- Orange

- Lavender

+ Finishing up with a cooling mask


Gel Manicure $36
Fab House Gel Manicure $46


Gel Hands Polish Change $30

(instead of $27)

Gel Toes Polish Change $30

(instead of $27)

Regular Hands Polish Change $12
Regular Toes Polish Change $15
Toe Nails Trim $10
Finger Nails Trim $8


Regular Powder Set $33
Gel Polish Acrylic Set $48
Gel Polish Acrylic Fill $40
Gel Clear Powder Set $36
Color Acrylic Set $45
Overlay $33
White Tips $37
Pink and White (Solar) Set $52
Pink and White Ombre $60
Ombre $60


Gel Polish Add On Pedicure $18
French $5
Nail Art $5
Nail Art. $10
Special Effect Per Finger $5
Acrylic Cut Down $5
1 Acrylic Toe Nail $8
1 Acrylic Toe Nail Fill $5
Longer Length on Acrylic Nail $5
Extra Long Length on Acrylic Nail $10
Special Nail Shape $5
Add Tips on Dipping $5
Acrylic Repair Each Nail $3


Regular Powder Fill $25
Gel Clear Powder Fill $28
Same Color Acrylic Fill $30
Pink Solar Fill $28
Pink and White Solar Fill $45
Pink Ombre Fill $30
Pink and White Ombre Fill $55


Gel Polish Take off W/O Service $10
Gel Polish Take of With Service $5
Dipping Take off W/O Service $10
Dipping Take off With Service $5
Acrylic Take off W/O Service $12
Acrylic Take off With Service $7


Dipping Powder Set $45
French Dipping Set $55
Ombre Dipping Set $60


Brows Tinting $15
Brows Waxing $14
Upper Lip Waxing $10
Lower Lip $6
Chin Waxing $12
Sideburns $12
Browse and Upper Lip $20
Brows/ Upper Lip/ Chin $32

($3 difference)

Brows/ Upper Lip/ Lower Lip/ Chin $37

($5 difference)

Whole Face Waxing $45

($9 difference)

Brows Waxing and Tinting $25

($4 difference)